Leather is beautiful and durable at the same time. The material can last for many years, but only as long as it’s properly cared for. It might even look better as it ages with that special patina.

To store: When storing leather items, it’s important to pay attention to the temperature and ambient light. This means you would want to keep leather goods in cool, dark, and dry places away from the sun. The sun can cause discolouration in the material, which will be irreversible. 

Removing Leather Stains: Most leather stains can come out with a little soap and water. Certain stains may be tougher to remove, but they can be addressed by cleaning solutions specifically designed for leather goods. Invest in a leather cleaner.

Removing Leather Odours: Leather can be stubborn, as it can hold onto odours for an extended period. You can seek the help of a leather professional or a dry cleaner who can remove the odour from your leather item. However, be prepared to spend more money than you would when having a regular bag cleaned.  

Use a leather conditioner because the material can dry out and crack over time. You can prevent this by using a leather conditioner. We love Mink oil which you can purchase in most supermarket. A little goes a long way.